Teachmeet Glasgow hosted by MIEE Fellow Ian Stuart – Tuesday June 2nd

Teachers are constantly sharing innovative ideas and best practices with each other by a variety of means, both online and offline, and just last week we looked at how teachers from all over the country were able to join the conversation around Project Based Learning, through #ukedchat on Twitter. Another way for likeminded educators to come together and exchange their thoughts is through Teachmeets, which not only allow them to discuss broader educational practices in person, but also provide a platform for teachers from schools within close proximity to one another to have real-time conversations that can kick-start ongoing collaboration on projects between school in the local area.

We’re pleased to share details of an upcoming Teachmeet in Glasgow, that is being run by Ian Stuart, a MIEE Fellow who also runs Glow Connect - Scotland’s nationally available digital environment for learning. The event is open to all teachers, and is free to attend. See below for registration details.


TeachMeet Glasgow

Tuesday 2nd June, 5pm
citizenM Glasgow
Renfrew St
G2 3BW

“This Teachmeet will be a traditional style. Where we will look to share teaching and learning ideas to take back to the classrooms to help Engage, Enthuse and Inspire our students. “

Consisting of a number of 2 or 7 minute presentations (with or without ICT), the event is driving by the participation of the attendees, with everyone encouraged to take prepare their own content to present their techniques, practices, ideas and thoughts to the rest of the group over the course of the evening.

Making a presentation is by no means obligatory, however we do recommend that you take part in the resulting discussions and get to grips with the topics.

Confirmed to speak so far from the MIEE community are Natalie Lochhead, Annette Iafrate, David & Marie Renton, and of course the host Ian Stuart. Other local teachers will also be contributing their own short presentations, giving the evening a nice balance of topics, ranging from the latest technology, exams & assessment, and time management.

The event is free to attend, and you can register here for the Teachmeet Glasgow.

If you cannot attend but wish to follow the event, those there will be tweeting using #TeachmeetGLA, so keep an eye on that to stay up to date.


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