UK MIEEs visit Kent Tech Expo at E2 Educator Exchange – by Mark Martin

For our MIEE’s who made the trip over to Microsoft HQ in Redmond, WA, for last week, part of the experience involved stopping by the Kent Tech Expo. ‘Urban Teacher’ Mark Martin was part of our delegation and has been kind enough to give us an overview of what went on that day, and provide us with some further quotes from the other UK MIEEs who accompanied him to the ShoWare Centre on April 30th…


Thoughts from the Kent Tech Expo – 30th April, 2015

The Kent Tech Expo is annual event that helps to showcase student’s digital skills through using technology in and out of the classroom. Over 5000 attendees and thousands of students excited to show off their class work.

The event was jam packed with innovation and creativity, making it an awesome experience to witness. The thing that made the event even better was MIEE experts sharing practices with the Kent teachers and encouraging students as they went around the event. It was a phenomenal occasion, and shows what can be possible when students take ownership of their own learning.

My MIEE peers and I who were went along to the Kent Expo tried to summarise our experience on the day in a few short lines:

MM E2 - 1 “Great to see many children excited and engaged with technology and confidently sharing their learning with teachers. My favourite was the 12 year old boy who told me how he learns much better and at his own pace using the flipped classroom approach.” - Marie Renton, Lochfield Primary School



MM E2 - 2 “I saw over 500 students showcasing their classwork, they were proud, passionate and creative in their presentation skills. My favourite moment is when a 13 year old boy showed me his project on life skills using Prezi.” – Mark Martin, St Mark’s CoE Academy



MM E2 - 3 “The event was really inspiring hearing about how students are using technology to enhance their learning. I was inspired by how students took ownership of their learning and has open my eyes to how capable students are with digital learning.” – Emma Hicks, Arnold Hill Academy



MM E2 - 4 “I really enjoyed the event and loved the way students took ownership of their work. Their creativity and innovation was second to none and I’m inspired to take some these practices back to my school.” – Anthony Lees, Broadclyst Community Primary School



MM E2 - 5 “Excellent to hear from pupils instead of sales people as is normally the case. Good to see the impact of the projects being describe by pupils.” – Matthew Davies, Treorchy Comprehensive School

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