TwT Tutorials – Managing assessment data, creating e-Portfolios

For this week’s extract from our Teaching with Technology tutorials on SlideShare, we’re going to look at two different scenarios; one to help the teacher with their own organisation and management, while the other explores a way in which to engage students and help them develop an all important 21st century skill.

Managing assessment data with Excel web app

Regular assessment is critical in developing students’ skills and helping them to manage their own learning. End of topic or term assessments are still valuable but more consistent formative assessment has been proven to benefit students’ acquisition of skills and knowledge. Managing more assessment data can be time consuming. However, grading software enables you to manage grades more efficiently and to keep track of students’ progress and achievement.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Understand how Microsoft Excel can be used to keep track of students’ grades, assignments and exams.
  2. Create a cloud-based Excel spreadsheet as an e-Gradebook.


Using OneNote for ePortfolios

In today’s workplace people move from job to job on average every four years. Often this means moving organizations but also sometimes a complete change of career. In order to get prepared for the 21st century workplaces, it is a useful skill for students to be able to develop and maintain an e-portfolio which will help them acquire self-regulation skills, become autonomous learners and reflect upon their learning practices and achievements.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Introduce Microsoft OneNote to students who will use it as their e-portfolio.
  2. Understand how Microsoft OneNote can be used to enhance students’ reflective skills and to support evaluation, self- evaluation and peer-evaluation.
  3. Create a Microsoft OneNote notebook template to be used as an e-portfolio.


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