VIDEO GUIDE – OneNote for school administrators

We often talk about how OneNote can be used in the classroom, and what the benefits to the students are of having such a collaborative digital space in which to share thoughts, ideas and work together on projects. However, it’s not just the students and their teacher that can take advantage of the functionality offered by OneNote.

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School administrators will also find it incredibly easy to manage and distribute information, materials and communications via a shared OneNote notebook. The following video from the OneNote in Education team shows you how this can be done in a number of everyday administrative scenarios facing those who work ‘behind the curtain’ within education:

There is a whole wealth of other great content for teachers, students and administrators that can be found on the OneNote in Education site, so please do take a further look at the resources available, and let us know what you think. We’re hugely consumer driven, and many of the recent changes made to the OneNote Class Notebook Creator (and Staff Notebook Creator) have been the direct result of the feedback the OneNote team have received from the teachers using it in the classroom themselves.

So if you have an idea for how any of our technologies can be improved in an educational context, please let us know 🙂

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