What are the current and future impacts of how Wymondham High Academy is using technology?

The following Sway presentation comes from one of our Microsoft Expert Educators, and looks at how technology is being used in their school. Many of you will be familiar with Kevin Sait, Head of IT Strategy at Wymondham High Academy, through his numerous guest posts on this very blog, his proactive work on Twitter with other educators in his local community and beyond, or you may well have attended his Theatre Sessions on the Microsoft stand at BETT in January of this year.

Kevin Sait

As with so many in the education industry, Kevin and his colleagues don’t want to keep their winning formulae a secret, and have very kindly allowed us to share this Sway presentation on our blog in hope that other schools and colleges can learn from these experiences and go on to prosper in a similar fashion be recreating or adapting the practices to suit their own situations. There are five shorts sections to this Sway that lift the lid on how Wymondham High Academy has found success through the appropriate and thoughtful use of technology within education:

Kevin also posts regularly to his own blog, which can be found here: Kevin Sait - Inspiring students and teachers through the use of technology at all ages.

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