Minecraft tutorial videos from Ray Chambers – setting up servers and information blocks

Ray Chambers is one of our Microsoft Expert Educators, and a leading force for driving the educational use of Minecraft in classrooms all over the UK. You may have even seen last month’s TechRadar article How Minecraft is helping kids learn code one block at a time, which is all about the sessions he was presenting to packed audiences in our Theatre during BETT 2015 in January. On his own blog however, Ray has recently been posting a number of video tutorials, which he has kindly allowed us to share with you here. We’ll include the first two videos below, but the rest can be found on Ray Chambers: Computer Craft Lessons – Minecraft MOD.

Computer Craft Lessons – Minecraft MOD

“I have recently been at a number of conferences showing people how they can use Minecraft and I have also shown people the MOD known as computer craft. It’s a free mod which can be downloaded from here. It sits in your Minecraft MOD folder. If you’re using MinecraftEDU, you don’t have to do much to enable it. If you’re wanting to use it with regular Minecraft, then you’re going to have to install FORGE which is a little bit trickier. I will do a blog post on this later. The idea of this page is to show you how to get up and running in your school. Most schools have been using MinecraftEDU because of it’s teacher tools. I support these tools and feel that they work effectively in my own classroom.” – Ray Chambers

Here are first two video tutorials from Ray’s blog, and we’ll be bring you the rest in subsequent posts to this blog:

How to set up your server
This lesson introduces you to setting up the server using MinecraftEDU. It also covers some of the basic features of MinecraftEDU and gets you to work as a team:

How to collaborate with information blocks / How to make books
This lesson shows you how to give information blocks to your students. You are then able to collaborate with others:

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