Tweetmeet with Anthony Salcito this Thursday – MIE Minute newsletter

It’s been a couple of weeks since we last shared content from the MIE Minute newsletter with you, but fear not, a new edition is hot off the press and we’re here to bring you the latest from the world of our Expert Educators.

Anthony Salcito - TweetMeet

The big news this week is that Anthony Salcito, VP of Worldwide Education at Microsoft, will be interacting with MIE Experts as a special guest on April 9, 2015 at 9:00a.m. PST (5:00pm BST) for a 1-hour #MIEExpert15 Tweetmeet! If you’re free during this time it would be well worth your while following the conversation on Twitter… After all, it might be where you find an idea that will change the way your classroom works!

As with all the MIE Minute newsletters, there are three items of content that we ask our Expert Educators to share with education community at large, so here are the topics of interest from this edition that we think are worth a look:

9 Ways OneNote Makes Lesson-Planning a Breeze

Do you use OneNote for lesson planning? Are you looking for a way to make lesson planning easier and more engaging? This article will show you how, and contains valuable information for educators newer to OneNote, so please share! [Read more]

MIE Minute - April 1


Skype in the Classroom and TED

Inspire the next generation of thinkers and doers: Skype in the Classroom hosted global conversations with classrooms and experts at TED last week. Inspire your students with insights and advice from TED speakers on everything from passion & perseverance to ice cream and prochlorococchus. [Read more]

Please share! #InspireNextGen @SkypeClassroom

MIE Minute - April 2


OneNote Class Notebook for blizzard bag management

What happens when a blizzard hits and students can't attend school? When adverse weather affects Ohio’s schools, often closing is the only option. The Ohio Department of Education permits five calamity days per year before schools are required to make up additional missed days. On top of the five calamity days, schools can also implement up to three blizzard bag days. Blizzard bags are online assignments delivered by individual schools. Teachers post blizzard bag assignments to a school portal and students must submit their assignments no later than 10 days after returning to school. [Read more]

MIE Minute - April 3


We do hope you can join us on Twitter on Thursday afternoon for Anthony’s Tweetmeet, but if you’re not able to do so we will be bringing you the highlights via this blog in due course. Please take a moment to share any of the above content with those in your network or community who may find the articles interesting or helpful.

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