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Speaking to our MIEEs here in the UK and reading their discussions on Yammer, it is clear that they are already finding and sharing innovative ways to use technology to not only engage with and inspire their students, but to save time both inside and outside the classroom, allowing for more quality time to be spent actually interacting with the children. Looking further afield to teachers on Twitter from all over the world, it's also becoming readily apparent how much OneNote is enabling them to transform education for all involved.

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As part of our series of weekly blogs looking at the work being done by the MIEEs, we share videos from the MIEE TV YouTube channel, in which our Expert Educators talk to us about the things they find are proving to be the most effective in affecting positive changes in their worlds. This week we’re going to shine the spotlight on OneNote.

Emma Hicks is an English and Drama teacher at Arnold Hill Academy, as well as being a Microsoft Expert Educator:

“I've recently been using OneNote and I've found it hugely beneficial, not just for me but also for the students, and the way that I'm able to interact with them, I'm constantly able to provide them with feedback."

Other members of the MIEE community have found great ways of using OneNote within the classroom:


On a Yammer thread within the MIEE network, Anthony also made mention of the collaborative scale with which they are using OneNote across classes at Broadclyst Community Primary School:

“We use one [OneNote Class Notebook] per year group so about 70 students in each plus teachers and leadership across the (primary) school can all open each year group's OneNote, so around 90 users in all at any one time. This works solidly, especially now the OneNote lives on SharePoint.”

Thomas Stanley, of Cornwallis Academy, has been using the draw feature of OneNote to complete activities with the split screen calculator to make maths fun and interactive:

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