Teachercast Podcast – Office 365 and Microsoft Education in the Classroom

For teachers and students all over the world, Office is so much more than simply the sum of its parts. While many people view the likes of Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and so on in a slightly utilitarian light, when used effectively together, they really can allow anyone to do great things. Oftentimes the best people to learn about products from are peers and other members of your industry who are facing the same challenges, and education is no exception to this way of working. In fact, it’s arguably a more community driven industry than others, so we’re always seeing great content being shared by educators all over world, who want to collectively further the quality and efficacy of education both inside and outside the classroom.


Today we’re going to share a great video from Teachercast – ‘A place for teachers to help other teachers’. It’s all about using Office 365 help students and teachers learn and work together in exciting new ways, and also features our very own Frank Chiappone from the Office 365 team. Remember, if you are a student or teacher and your school has Office, you can claim your own copies to install on up to five PCs/Macs, and also on up to five mobile devices or tablets. To take advantage of Office Pro Plus Benefit in education, head to Office.com/GetOffice365 to check your availability and download Office now.

This video covers a number of areas and gives examples and demonstrations, including:

  • Office 365 Overview – Free productivity tools for students and teachers
  • How students and teachers can check to see if they are eligible for free Office from their school
  • Office everywhere and on all your devices – PC, Laptops, Windows tablets, iPad, Android, Phones etc.
  • New Office for Mac
  • Finding information and resources quickly by collaborating with other teachers using Lync, Yammer & Delve
  • Work with students remotely and in real-time using Office, Office Online, Lync, OneDrive and OneNote
  • Gaining actionable insight on student performance with Power BI
  • Saving time with Office 365

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