TwT Tutorials – Preparing students for employment; Learning Suite for project based learning

Last week we introduced some on the tutorials available on SlideShare that will help not only anyone taking the Teaching with Technology courses offered by the Microsoft Educator Network, but anyone looking to improve the way they approach the use of technology within education.

We have another couple of tutorials to share with you today, this time looking at the more long term goals of education.

Using Office to prepare for employment

In an increasingly globalized world it is critical for students leaving school to be prepared for a competitive job market, understand how to apply and interview for jobs, and demonstrate the skills needed to be successful in the workplace including organization, communication, and the use of ICT tools. Essential to this is the preparation for applications and interviews and the ability to present themselves as suitable candidates.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Create a tool for self-assessment that your students can use to prepare them to enter the job market.
  2. Create templates for job applications and give your students access to them.
  3. Provide a safe space for your students to store and access documents for job applications.
  4. Learn how to integrate professional contacts from LinkedIn into Outlook.


Using Learning Suite for project based learning

It is becoming increasingly problematic for employers that students are leaving school without the necessary skills to gain employment. Key skills that are missing tend to be problem solving, teamwork, innovation, adaptability and critical thinking. A solution could be less teaching from the front and more project based or inquiry based learning. Learning Suite by Microsoft is a collection of free resources that can help teachers make this change.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Learn about the key features of project based learning.
  2. Install Learning Suite by Microsoft.
  3. Use Learning Suite as a digital toolkit.

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  1. Steve Molyneux says:

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