TwT Tutorials – Office 365 for cloud based learning; Remove classroom walls with Skype

One of the many continued personal development courses we offer for teachers through our Microsoft Educator Network is Teaching with Technology. On our SlideShare account you can find a number of tutorials designed to help those taking the Teaching with Technology course, but really they’ll come in handy to anyone looking to improve their use of technology in an educational setting.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to share these tutorials via this blog, two at a time. Many people will be familiar with topics and areas that others aren’t, so instead of reproducing each tutorial in its entirety, we’ll simply include a short synopsis and what you can expert to learn from them, as well as a link to the original SlideShare.

The first two Teaching with Technology tutorials we’re going to look at deal with the use of Office 365, and how Skype can aid in educational collaboration across the world:

Using Office 365 for cloud based learning


Today’s workforce and workplace is mobile. In order to prepare students to succeed, we need to encourage and enable them to become mobile learners and active participants beyond the walls of the classroom. They can and they want to learn in different places, not only in the real-world, but also in virtual environments or a combination of both. Blended learning combines the traditional face-to-face classroom with online instruction.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Understand how different features of Office 365 can be used in the classroom.
  2. Create a virtual classroom on Office 365 which can be accessed by students, your colleagues and parents alike


Remove classroom walls with Skype

Skype logo

Collaboration is one of the key skills of the 21st Century. Teaching students how to use technology to connect with their peers and how to communicate and collaborate with them effectively should be an integral part of the curriculum. This tutorial is designed for educators who are new to using Skype for classroom collaboration and shows in simple steps how to engage students in international projects.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Create a profile in the Skype in the Classroom community
  2. Use Skype to connect with like-minded teachers and take part in international projects
  3. Create an activity which will inspire students to develop collaborative skills
  4. Share that activity with other educators in the Skype in the Classroom community


We hope these tutorials have been helpful or given you some ideas about how you can further integrate technology into your lessons or projects. If you’d like to see more, all of the Teaching with Technology tutorials can be found on the Microsoft Education UK SlideShare channel, or keep checking back to this blog for more posts continuing this series.

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