There’s still time to enter the Kodu Kup 2015 and become a Kodu School!

Schools are doing some amazing things with Kodu and the new computing curriculum. We wanted to celebrate those schools that are developing their computing curriculum and involving Kodu. Today we are announcing the the Kodu School Award in the UK, to recognise and promote the use of Kodu in Schools.

Kodu character

So how do you become a Kodu School?

You need to complete the following :

•Submit and share a Scheme of Work or Lesson plan showing how you use Kodu in your school. (Make sure this includes your school logo and your details).
•Submit evidence that your school has held an event showcasing Kodu. (This can be photos or a video of an event you have held for students and/or teachers, or even parents).
•Submit evidence that your school has entered students into the Kodu Kup. (This can be this years activity or from previous years).
•Email with your submission* on the application form . which can also be downloaded here.

*Submitting this application confirms that that its contents and images have permission to be shared across Microsoft Educator Network and its Partners. We will be sharing all your applications and experiences here on this blog and

If you have any questions about the Kodu Kup or becoming a Kodu School, please feel free to email for more information.

Kodu school

Thirty schools will be chosen this year and awarded Kodu School status. Your school will receive a plaque which you can display in your school entrance foyer to let everybody know about the great work you are doing. This award is open to all schools in the UK, UK International Schools and Hospital Schools.

The programme has been trialled and I am pleased to announce the first Primary School to receive this award are the The Tai Centre in Rhondda Cynon Taf. The first secondary school to receive this award are the winners of the the first Kodu Kup, Afon Taf Secondary School in Merthyr.

Kodu students

Who will be next?

Don’t forget the Kodu Kup is still running and closes at the end of May.

For more details about the Kodu Kup, have look at this Sway:

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