The Power of OneNote in the Classroom

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The Power of OneNote in the Classroom

by Microsoft in Education Team, 9th March 2015

"The OneNote Class Notebook Creator can literally 'blow your mind' as an educator with its potential in schools." - Kevin Sait, Head of IT strategy for Wymondham High Academy Trust, Norfolk, England

Like Kevin Sait, it seems that educators and students alike love OneNote, and for good reason: OneNote makes classroom organization, collaboration and sharing across any device - online and offline - fun and easy.

But don't take our word for it. Here are some real-world examples from students, teachers and schools using OneNote, and a few raves we've heard recently:

"The most significant and organic change process ever in the school." - Kirk Wheeler, Head of School, St. Thomas, Medina, Washington, USA

"Have you tried the OneNote Class Notebook Creator? Revolutionary." - Colby Clark, Teacher at Manteca Unified (MUSD)

"Class Notebook Creator almost overnight brought value to our program at our school. Our secondary teachers finally have found something that can deliver content, collaboration, and structure and they only have to learn one app. " - David Hoeft

"One thing I have already worked on is a set of shared OneNote notebooks for each member of staff, using the collaborative processes to monitor and work with all staff on professional development and performance management ... The introduction of the Staff Notebook will combine all these, thereby reducing my workload 30-fold, as I can combine all these individual personal notebooks into the one. Added to their the ability to share staff dates lists, deadlines, important messages and staff information, the Staff Notebook will clearly help me run the school by working smarter, not harder!" - Andrew Howard, Head of School, Sandymore, UK

Over the last few weeks, the OneNote team - led by program manager Mike Tholfsen - has been travelling the globe with the mission of getting OneNote in the hands of as many students, educators and school administrators as possible, and help them use it effectively in their schools and classrooms. This week, Tholfsen and team will be showcasing the recently launched OneNote Staff Notebook and OneNote Class Notebook at SXSWedu. Tholfsen says, "OneNote has the ability to completely transform education."


Because the OneNote Class Notebook and Staff Notebook apps are both part of Office 365, and fully integrated in the cloud, virtually everything that happens in the school can be tracked and shared in one place and accessible across any device (including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows). OneNote is as simple as a digital 3-ring binder, provides privacy for individual staff members who need to share information just with leadership, and is FREE to download from The result is organization, efficiency and collaboration that never existed before - for teachers, students and administrators.

The OneNote Class Notebook app helps teachers quickly set up a personal workspace for every student, a content library for handouts and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities-all within one powerful notebook. Here's a sample Class Notebook for some inspiration. And OneNote Staff Notebook allows a school leader or administrator to quickly set up a personal workspace for every staff member or teacher, a content library for shared information, and a space for everyone to collaborate. Here's a sample Staff Notebook.

Both have:

  • Private Notebooks: In OneNote Class Notebook, student notebooks are private notebooks that are shared between the teacher and each individual student. Teachers can access these notebooks at any time, but students cannot see each other's notebooks. In OneNote Staff Notebook, the private notebook can be used for professional development, classroom observations, performance appraisals, and parent communications.

  • Content Libraries: The content library is a place where teachers can handout course materials to students. For school administrators, the content library can be used for publishing policies and procedures or school calendar information.

  • Collaboration Space: And the collaboration space allows anyone in the class to share, organize and collaborate. It is extremely flexible, and can be used for any group activities, meeting notes and shared initiatives.

Go to OneNote for Teachers for everything educators and students need to get the most out of OneNote, including how-to videos, free downloads, and tips and tricks for easily using OneNote in the classroom.

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