Moodle and Office 365 Integration – a view from WebAnywhere

Last week at BETT 2015 we had a number of visitors coming to our stand asking questions about the learning management system Moodle, and what the possibilities are in terms of Office 365 and broader Microsoft integration. Anthony Salcito, Microsoft Vice President of Worldwide Education, published a blog post not so long ago explaining how by embracing new open-source plugins, Office 365 and Moodle can work together to bring a better and more productive classroom experience to teachers and students alike.


Here in the UK, we recently heard from WebAnywhere, a Moodle partner offering expert Moodle design, development, training, support, hosting and 3rd party software integration. Sean Gilligan, MD of WebAnywhere was also at BETT last week, and wrote his own blog detailing the discussions that took place in the ‘Moodle with Microsoft Better Together Seminar’, and what the future holds for those seeking to further interweave Office 365 – and other products – into their LMS.WebAnywhere - MoodleWe won’t reproduce Sean’s post in its entirety (instead please refer to the link below), but we will include the closing paragraph, which sums up nicely the balance between teachers and technology within education:

“…Teachers want to be teaching and coaching not conducting unnecessary administration which can be solved by new technologies! It makes sense to link Moodle the most popular open source learning management system in the world with Microsoft who have a strong reputation for their office productivity software.”

Sean Gilligan - BETT Show Excel London 2015 Moodle with Microsoft

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