BETT 2015: Day 3 video recap – MIE Experts in the Microsoft Theatre

As we tread the boards at the ExCel today for one last time during BETT 2015, let’s take a brief look back at what happened on and around the Microsoft stand yesterday:

Anyone attending our Theatre sessions will have heard from one of our Microsoft Innovative Educators, and in the clip above we’ve asked a couple of them to talk a little bit about what they’ve been presenting on the stand at BETT 2015 and how they are using technology and best practices in their classrooms every day.

WP_20150124_13_38_58_Pro (Anthony Lees, Mike Tholfsen, Ari Schorr, Emma Hicks and Mandeep Atwal)

If you weren’t able to attend BETT 2015 or didn't make it to the session you wanted to then do not fret – we’ll be publishing a series of follow up blog posts detailing each of the presentations that were given on our stand. We’re exceptionally grateful for all of the help our MIE community members have given us, not just over the last few days, but throughout the entirety of their participation in the programme… Long may the relationship continue!

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