BETT 2015: Learning Possibilities Ltd: Tech in the Classroom – Finding the right solution, because education matters.

By Learning Possibilities, Ltd

You can find Learning Possibilities, Ltd at BETT 2015 on stand F346.

Integrating something as broad as technology into your classroom can be a daunting thought, but with the right solution, training and support, your classroom can use technology to aid and abet learning experiences, and to build bridges into the broader community.


As well as supporting teaching, learning and the running and organisation of an establishment – teaching with tech can save you time, and encourage learners to engage in their own education like never before.

Most will understand the benefits that can generally be gained from technology, but you may find that you’re not yet entirely confident on how to reap in the rewards from using technology in your classroom(s).

The truth lies in real experiences from those who work at the heart of the education sector. Schools and individuals who have put educational technology to the test, who have seen first-hand the positive difference that can be made to an establishment, department, and the delivery and reception of teaching and learning with the right solution.

Technology in Education, what should it mean?

Mr Stewart Davies, Assistant Head Teacher at Glan Afan Comprehensive School in Wales has a strong stance on the topic of technology in education and believes that;

“Technology in education means meeting pupils’ and teachers’ expectations for a modern classroom. Enabling teachers to manage planning, assessments, recording and reporting and to deliver content which is captivating and accessible. Enabling pupils to extend their learning by bridging the gap between classroom and home learning, using resources that yare up-to-date, quickly accessed, interactive and engaging.”

He continues, “Parental engagement has a large and positive impact on children’s learning and so it is one of our priorities to identify interventions that are effective in supporting parental involvement. Technology is contributing to improved parental engagement by: providing a convenient means for parents to access up-to-date information about their child’s learning; enabling parents to be more engaged with their child’s learning; supporting more flexible working arrangements for staff and supporting at-home learning”.

Allowing for anytime – anywhere access to lessons, class and homework exercises as well as information such as timetables and attendance means that schools like Glan Afan Comprehensive have proven that the want to involve parents in the frontline of their child’s education can finally come into action.

Mr Dominic Broad, Acting Deputy Head Teacher at Barry Island Primary School (BIPS) in Barry, South Wales also highlighted the need to support parental engagement:

“Technology in education is all about identifying areas that would benefit from and be enhanced by technology. Discussing the fundamental principles and sharing with staff through our self-evaluation process what is good learning and teaching and how technology can positively impact on that. Children need access to technology through all their learning rather than something discrete and standalone. Now we want to bridge home and school to a much greater extent than we already do.”

Both schools have acquired and are currently working on Hwb, a solution powered by Learning Possibilities, through a scheme funded by the Welsh Government. In December 2014, Learning Possibilities were proud to secure the national contract, meaning all 1800+ state schools in Wales will be working on the solution.

Learning Possibilities LtdAbove: a solution that fits seamlessly into your lesson plans will enable your pupils to develop core skills that will benefit them in everyday life.

Reaching your goals and achievements:

Knowing what you want to achieve is one thing, but sometimes you need enabling resources and a manageable solution to help you reach them. At Learning Possibilities we encourage schools to make the most of training opportunities and support. Qualified and knowledgeable Consultants can help to ease the adoption and rollout process by specialising agendas to suit your schools needs and the level of staff understanding surrounding the solution.

On commenting on the training and support that they have acquired through Hwb, Mr Broad from BIPS said;

“I have been impressed with the quality of training and follow up courses. Every question or concern is met with a prompt and purposeful resolution. We are grateful for the support and training opportunities which has enabled our staff and children to implement Hwb effectively across the school… The courses offered to us via Hwb and Learning Possibilities offer a detailed and creative way of tailoring tech to your school’s needs. The conscientious and detailed delivery allows staff to apply knowledge to the necessary formats.”

Come and visit us at BETT 2015:

If you’re an existing client, looking for a suitable solution to rollout to your school, or if you’d simply like to say hello, we would love to invite you to visit our stand at BETT 2015.

Come and visit our friendly team of digital guru’s on stand F346, and in the meantime, to find out more about us please feel free to visit our website.

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