BETT 2015: Corinth Classroom: The Importance of Bringing Excitement Back to Classrooms

By Corinth

How can you turn a teacher into a classroom-rockstar? How can you grab the attention of restless crowd of kids and, what‘s more, to make them feel like rockstars too? Modern education is becoming less and less about “lecturing“ and more about “interaction“ and greater involvement. Today’s educational system is facing a number of challenges such as seeming of irrelevancy of abstract and complex subject matters for students‘ lives and their future. The goal is to provoke curiosity and interest in the topic among the students. But how can teachers – often lacking recognition they deserve and overloaded with work – achieve this without burning out?


Students should ideally engage in the learning process voluntarily and actively, not because they have to. However, contemporary school systems are rooted in different ages, designed for a different times and different kids. It’s often difficult for teachers to keep up with the changes – be it for lack of resources, time or simply energy. Today, children spend their free time playing computer games or watching 3D movies, so how can teachers use this to their advantage?

We have spent a long time by gaining feedback and talking to educators, students and experts all around the world to better understand their needs and the way they work. Cooperation with educators community has been crucial for developing and further enhancing Corinth Classroom. It is our digital educational tool for touchscreen devices which contains libraries of digital 3D learning objects integrated with a tool that most of teachers the world use every day - Microsoft Office. Therefore it allows students and teachers to quickly and easily use this visual content in their own documents and presentations.

Corinth Classroom does not require specialized computer skills but at the same time it offers benefits of advanced software. It is suitable not only for advanced computer users, but also for less experienced teachers who can still impress the whole classroom with powerful content. 77% of teachers we interviewed for our survey confirmed that the application is user-friendly and very easy to handle – both for them and any of their colleagues. A huge content library covers topics ranging from scientific branches such as anatomy, biology and geology to technological or even cultural learning objects and is quickly expanding. It is a universal software that can be used anywhere in the world by virtually anyone.

Corinth Classrooms' interactivity and its creative potential allows students to experience the subject matter. It raises the engagement and involvement of everyone in the classroom, provokes the will to share with others and renews the interest in the world around us. Even difficult and hard-to-grasp topics such as physics or math are more accessible and understandable.

As Sir Ken Robinson, creativity and innovation expert, said in an interview with Microsoft VP for education Anthony Salcito: “Adopting creative approaches to teaching and learning is among the best ways of engaging kids’ interests, imagination and therefore, raising standards.“ He further believes that “by unleashing students’ creativity, we can help them develop the kinds of skills that will serve them well in their careers, and as leaders of future generations.“

Results of Corinth‘s global pilot program show that Corinth Classroom significantly helps teachers to prepare their teaching resources creatively, but also effectively. Likewise students are finding passion for learning science and also languages, in context and by use of different learning resources. 84 percent out of nearly 2,000 surveyed educators and students from 93 world countries find Corinth Classroom a breakthrough educational tool or useful classroom aid.

How schools in 23 countries use Corinth Classroom in our pilots? For instance, Amazing Grace Christian School from Seattle, US, has created tutorials on different Corinth’s apps and content, using them for different learning projects explaining biology, geology or technology. The school is currently piloting Corinth’s new global collaborative project called “I’m Corinth Classroom CEO“ on team collaboration and future career skills. Other schools from Finland, Sweden, Latvia, US, Israel, Turkey, Portugal, Latvia or Hungary have participated in creating new lesson plans teaching science, presentation skills, communication skills, ICT and 21st century learning skills, while using Corinth Classroom. Some of these projects have been a result of Corinth collaboration with Microsoft or European Schoolnet.


Technology cannot replace teachers, but can help them bring excitement and motivation back to classrooms. We believe it's crucial to engage educators community in creating Corinth Classroom with us. Come and see how we do it at Bett 2015 (Request a meeting with Corinth on this link). Corinth Classroom will be featured at different booths and we're going to announce more information on our blog soon.

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