BETT 2015: myday: Learning at their Fingertips?

By myday

Meet the myday team on stand G514 at BETT 2015 from January 21st onwards.


Imagine one of your learners at home trying to prioritise what they should be doing. Sign into the VLE? Top up the balance on their cashless catering? Reserved books coming in tomorrow? Homework, assignments or coursework to do? Check out the latest news? Review their attendance or grades?

Do they login to each system to check or do they find something else to do? Maybe these systems send email to their student email account? Do they check it? Some do. At the same time you want to push relevant marketing, news and events to your learners but the methods you have are either paper based (flyers, posters, letters), email based or require “following” or “liking”.

What if you had a platform which you could deploy quickly which gives everything your learners want to engage with and provides tools enabling you to target information as well? This platform could be the home page on your desktop, tablet and mobile devices, providing a front door to all of your services.

But why stop there? Why not encourage the downloading of our native mobile applications with built in notification service which can notify when information changes or when you want to notify them. We have developed myday to address these requirements, provide learning at the learner’s fingertips, but most importantly on the devices they use, sometimes all day every day!

New for 2015! - “myday Learning” expands the myday experience providing more ways to interact and engage with your learners and tutors.

Want to be able to poll your students or create a simple way to encourage learners to ask questions or interact online together in a safe way?

The Learning platform provides all of this and much more for use during and/or after content delivery, whilst ensuring the most popular questions rise to the top using up-voting.

You’ve decided this is a great idea but you’ve got a developer who want to get involved? Great! Our platform is developer ready. Build your own myday apps!

Please come and meet the myday team and let us show you all of this in action, on our stand, G514 at BETT 2015.

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