VIDEO TUTORIAL: Get started with OneNote Class Notebook Creator

The free OneNote Class Notebook Creator allows teachers to quickly set up notebooks designed for class use. We’ve covered OneNote a fair bit recently, and it’s clear from the feedback the OneNote team continue to receive from teachers that this tool is proving to be increasingly valuable in education.


Here we have a tutorial video that guides you through how can use OneNote to do the following:

  • Create Class Notebooks
  • Assign & Grade Homework
  • Collaborate on Class Projects


For anyone unfamiliar with OneNote or who is yet to try using the Class Notebook Creator, the video above should be of huge help. You’ll find out how as a teacher you can organise and distribute test, assignments and other course materials to students. While teachers can edit the content of the Class Notebook, students can only view or copy it, or edit their own work within OneNote. Students can all work on and submit their own assignments all within the same Class Notebook, keep it private from the other class members, allowing only the teacher access to it at any stage.

You’ll find out how to do all this and more in the video guide Get Started with OneNote Class Notebook Creator. For more tutorials and other useful information, there is a dedicated OneNote for Teachers website that is a fantastic resource for anyone in education who is using OneNote as a way of distributing course materials, looking to create a collaborative class project, or just needs an easy method to assign and grade homework.

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