Part One: Microsoft UK Schools Blog top posts – January to June

Seeing as you can’t seem to move for countdowns and ‘best of’ lists at this time of year, we thought we'd do something in a similar vein and resurface the most popular blog articles from each month in 2014 and collate them into a couple of posts to make it easier for you, the readers, to find the content that our audience found the most useful this year.

We’ll be posting a couple of these between now and the new year, so check back later this week for part two.

For now, here are the posts from the first half of 2014 that were the most popular each month with our education audience:

Make a splash with Fresh Paint [January]
“The app I want to focus on today isn't a productivity tool or even a teaching management tool. This space is dedicated to creativity, and what more impressive a way for primary students, GCSE and A-Level students and even university students to bring to life a replication or perhaps a surreal representation of their artiste imaginations, than through devices in education with Fresh Paint….”

Tablets in Education: Redden Court School Case Study [February]
”As an innovative school, Redden Court are venturing into the use of tablets, wireless technology and cloud computing to enhance teaching and learning within school and provide further opportunities for students to extend their knowledge outside of school. Their journey has started with the use of Microsoft Surface RT tablets but they plan to progress further by offering 1:1 and BYOD services in the near future. Discover more in the case study...”

Microsoft announces Office for iPad [March]
”Microsoft is devoted to providing the tools which enable people from all walks of life to work anywhere and on any device. The ever increasing portfolio of Windows based devices available lay testament to that and with over a billion users of Microsoft Office globally we are now delighted to share that Office for ipad has now been released and is available to download on Apple's App Store…”

New e-book: Computer Science in the National Curriculum [April]
”These are exciting times for Computer Science Education. In Great Britain, the US and an increasing number of other countries, we’re seeing a resurgence of interest in developing pupils’ understanding of how computers work, how they’re programmed and the fundamental ideas underpinning computation…”

Microsoft Research launches Code Hunt, an educational Web game for learning programming [May]
”Microsoft Research today launched Code Hunt, a browser-based game for anyone interested in learning how to code by playing. The premise is straightforward: the player must write code to advance in the game…”

Broadclyst Primary – Pioneering Education Technology & International Collaboration [June]
”Just before the half term Spring break I had a long and fascinating conversation with Jonathan Bishop, head of Broadclyst Primary, a village school not far from Exeter. Broadclyst, with its staff and children, as readers will know has been at the cutting edge of so many ICT developments over the years. They were pioneers of one-to-one computing, early adopters of Windows 7, and of what was then Office Communications Server (later to become ‘Lync’). They have also been running collaborative projects with schools across the world with the aid of Microsoft technology…”


So those are the most popular posts each month from January to June 2014. We’ll give you a break to go and enjoy some more leftover turkey, and post the highlights from July to December in a day or two!

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