Gwyrosydd Primary School wins 35 Surface RT devices thanks to Beastie Boys parody video!

Seeing as it is now less than a week until Christmas (gulp!), we thought we’d keep it light this afternoon and share a couple of videos created by school pupils that are sure to give you a warm feeling even on the coldest of December days. As part of a competition we recently ran in conjunction with Tablets for Schools to give away 35 Surface RT devices, pupils were encouraged to get creative and rework a song so that the lyrics reflect why their school needs tablets, or how tablets would help their learning.

Some of the responses were absolutely brilliant. By simply looking at the faces of the children as they sing these songs and act out scenarios posed by the new lyrical twist, it’s clear to see how engaging they found the task, and how excited they were about the possibility of tablets arriving in their classrooms.

Fight for your right… to tablets

A couple of weeks ago it was announced over on our Microsoft UK Teachers Blog that we had found a winner! Top of the pops was Gwyrosydd Primary School in Swansea, and they have since taken delivery of their 35 Surface RT devices. Not only did the students put together a fantastic video, but the school has a clear implementation plan for their wireless infrastructure and staff training, so we’re sure these devices will be put to good use.

So here we have the pupils of Gwyrosydd Primary, who are turning it up to 11 with their take on the Beastie Boys’ 1987 classic “Fight For Your Fight (To Party)”…. Although the children (possibly with a little help from the teacher seen in the video!) have changed the lyrics to reflect how much they would benefit from having tablets in the classroom:

All of the entries we saw definitely made us smile here on the Microsoft UK Education team, and it’s clear how inspired young people are by technology.

“Please, sir… I want some more…”

More? More?! MORE?! Oh go on then, seeing as it is the season of giving after all…!!

Here’s a bonus song that should be familiar to any parent or pupil, as at some point or another most of us have either been in or watched a production of ‘Oliver Twist’. The musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ tale of a workhouse orphan who escapes to joins a gang of juvenile pickpockets contains many memorable numbers, and with their very own adaption of ‘Food, Glorious Food’, here’s Colcot Primary School… Enjoy!!

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