OneNote Class Notebook: making learning fun!

This is a guest post from Hélène Fyffe, an undergraduate starting her final year at Edinburgh Napier University, having spent a year on placement with Microsoft UK Education as part of her course.


We've been excited to hear about the recent updates unveiled for the OneNote Class Notebook app, and in general this tool is really going to open new doorways for teachers to streamline the ways they work with students as individuals, and as a class group.

What does this mean for students?

From a student perspective, the OneNote Class Notebook Creator is a whole new fun and easy way to do assignments, take notes and work with peers at schools and at home if they're really eager. I'm going to go through a couple of benefits that the OneNote Class Notebook Creator could bring to students at school.


Keeping students organised

My mum is a French tutor and has a pretty mixed batch of students who come to her, some really eager to better their French and others obviously utterly disinterested (and shoved through the door by their parents). The number of times I've heard her saying through a plastered smile "not to worry that you've forgotten your assignment instructions, make sure to bring them next week and we'll do something else this time."

What I'm trying to say is if her students had had their assignment instructions integrated into a OneNote Notebook, as opposed to a floating bit of paper, they wouldn't have even been able to lose them if they wanted. The OneNote notebook is therefore a great way for students to have all the information they need in one place, and ultimately be more organised. No more crumpled papers hidden at the bottom of bags!

Motivating your class


It's no secret to any of us that students are more motivated when they receive good feedback. One of the beauties of the app is that through simply creating one Notebook, teachers can open a collaborative work space for the whole class to study together, and additionally students all have their own individual space to write notes and do their homework and assignments.

While students love getting praise in front of their peers in class, the OneNote Class Notebook Creator enables them to get that special praise outside the classroom too. The collaborative work area acts as a public place where each student can ask questions or share information, so teachers are able to monitor comments and praise good comments transparently for all the class to see.

Additionally, when students complete their homework in the Notebook, their teacher has the luxury of being able to mark it directly within. Teachers can use the inking feature to write constructive feedback and annotations on students' work. Because the experience will feel personal and also familiar to receiving hard-copy work back, it is likely that students will be more motivated to respond. In addition, teachers will be able to convey the tone they want the student to receive by drawing smiley faces or choosing fun colours to ink with which might be an extra motivator for students.

For more information on the latest updates, please read this blog:


OneNote Class Notebook Creator – updates and improvements

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