Over 1,000 Microsoft UK employees complete #HourOfCode – and it’s not too late for you!

Over the last few day people all across the world have been taking part in the Hour of Code as part of Computer Science Education Week. According to the official count on the Hour of Code website, over 65 million of you have tried an hour of code since the whole initiative first began, and now there are over 77,000 Hour of Code events worldwide. To put that in context, on November 19th we posted a blog stating that there were 40,000 events organised…. So that number has almost doubled in just over three weeks - what an achievement!

Anyone who reads this blog regularly will undoubtedly have seen that lately we’ve been encouraging as many people as possible to complete their own Hour of Code, or even better, to host their own event where many more students can get an introduction to the thinking and principles behind coding. In the interests of leading by example, Microsoft employees have been taking part in the Hour of Code by holding events across our various UK sites, and earning our own certificates of completion:

‘Tis the season and all that, so anyone taking part in the Hour of Code at our UK Headquarters in Reading found mince pies and festive music awaited them when they dropped by the event:

Elsewhere in the UK, you can see here the Showcase Classroom was put to good use for anyone completing the Hour of Code in our London Victoria offices:

Hour of Code Showcase Classroom

So far over 1,000 Microsoft employees in the UK have completed the Hour of Code


In an increasingly technology driven world, these skills and disciplines are no longer limited to those who need to write code, but are fast becoming the norm expected and looked for by employers. Teaching coding in the classroom and giving the next generation at the very least an understanding of the principles and thought processes behind coding is vitally important as we use the educational journey to prepare them for later life and the world of employment, where this way of thinking is already highly sought after.

Haven’t completed your Hour of Code yet? It’s not too late!

There is still time to take part in the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week. You can take our very own Angry Birds coding tutorial, and even organise your own event for a whole classroom full of students. It really is simple to do, but if for whatever reason you cannot get around to organising and event or completing an Hour of Code this week, then all of the tutorials and resources will still be available next week and beyond.

From all of us here at the Microsoft UK Education team we’d like to thank you for your support so far with this initiative, and wish you all the best as you all complete your own Hour of Code.

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