Teachers can now claim five complimentary Office 365 Licences through Pro Plus Benefit

For some time now, Microsoft has made it possible for students and staff to claim a complimentary copy of Microsoft Office 365 through their school or university. Our Pro Plus Benefit for Students has also meant that students have been able to claim five licences of Office 2013 Pro Plus that can be used on any devices, whether or not they were connected  to a school or university network. We’re now pleased to announce that as well as students, staff and faculty are able to avail of this fantastic offer from Microsoft UK Education, and claim their five complimentary Office 365 licences as well.

To get Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit for teachers, please visit http://www.office.com/getoffice365.

Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit for Teachers

Included in the Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit you’ll find the stalwarts of the Office legacy such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but also some fresher faces that some teachers and students may not have heard of or be as familiar with. One such corner of the Office suite that educators are finding to be increasingly useful of late, is OneNote. As this quote from educator Kevin Sait illustrates, the OneNote Class Notebook Creator has proven to be a big hit with many teachers and students:

“OneNote Class Notebook Creator allows you to create a whole class notebook, with content library, collaboration pages, and student notebooks, in one document! The real beauty about this is students only see the content library (resources from the teacher), the collaboration space (sharing ideas) and only their own notebook. So students use the notebook as if it is their own, can copy information from the teachers resource pages, do homework, and the teacher has global access to all the student notebooks and with the power of OneNote can leave feedback on students work in a variety of manners (audio, video, annotation etc).”

You can read Kevin’s full guest post on our blog: OneNote Class Notebook Creator.

With Office 365, you can install the latest version of Microsoft Office on multiple PCs, Macs, and tablets so you can work any way you want. And, when you save your work on OneDrive you can work on the same document across all your devices. As an added bonus, OneDrive now offers unlimited storage, which comes at no additional cost to Office 365 subscribers. So now with our Pro Plus Benefit for Students and Teachers, your whole school or university can all work from the latest versions of the same software, and never worry about running out of storage space.

Included in the Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit for Teachers you’ll find:


If you want to take advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit for teachers, please visit http://www.office.com/getoffice365.

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