Office 365 in the classroom – video tutorials from the Microsoft Educator Network

When a school, college or university adopts a new system there can be an awful lot of new things to learn and become aware of, yet it can be impractical to give everyone a fully exhaustive training programme and expect people to immediately understand and familiarise themselves with every facet of their new setup. And quite frankly, you're not going to need to do everything from day one, so embarking on a comprehensive training course or trying to read the manual cover to cover, so to speak, can lead to information overload and make it harder to get started. Time is of a premium for IT managers and teachers, so it can be easier to simply bridge the gaps when the need arises and acclimatise naturally over time, rather than attempting to have an encyclopaedic knowledge from the outset.

This is just one of the reasons we have the Microsoft InnovativeTeach YouTube Channel. There you’ll find bite-size chunks of information about IT in schools, for Headteachers and Educators, whenever you need them. One area of this channel that we’d like to highlight right now is the The Offperts - or Office 365 Experts. At present this is a playlist of around 40 short videos that tackle certain tasks and functions that will make your use of Office 365 easier and allow you to get the most out of the suite.

The range of topics covered is fairly broad, and they’ve been created with teachers in mind, so these aren’t just general Office 365 tutorials - they’re specific for education.  As such these O365 Expert tutorials should be packed with relevant content that educators will find useful and can integrate into their day-to-day use, and also impart that knowledge onto their students.

As we’ve said, no one wants to wade through an hour long instructional video or a weighty tome to find the answer to one particular question that’s could be a simple 15 second fix to implement within Office 365. So the videos are as concise and specific to a particular topic/function as they can be, and with their short length you can educate yourself in a timely manner on an ad hoc basis as and when required. If however you do want to undertake a sustained period of learning about Office 365 in the classroom, the playlist is a great way to watch a number of videos that build upon the knowledge found in the previous clips. So for example you can spend around 15 minutes familiarising yourself with a number of the nuances of Lync by watching a few short videos, or you could simply watch a single 3 minute video and learn how to provide homework feedback in Office 365 with OneNote.

These videos are made in conjunction with our Microsoft Educator Network, and are tailored specifically for teachers by teachers. Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be providing a more in depth look at the individual topics covered in these videos, and go into more detail with some of the more practical examples of how you can use Office 365 in the classroom. For now however, you can view any of the tutorial videos by visiting the Microsoft InnovativeTeach YouTube Channel or by watching from the playlist embedded above.

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