Getting started with Microsoft IT Academy – video guides

One Microsoft Education resource that some teachers and educators may not be aware of is the Microsoft IT Academy. The ITA program provides academic institutions and their educators, students and staff with a digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills -- as well as courses critical for students to be successful in today’s technologically evolving world.

As part of this resource we have created a series of “Get Started” videos enabling new and existing members of the ITA to locate and activate the benefits of being a member. The videos cover a number of different areas, including general overviews of the benefits available to members of the IT Academy, tutorials on making customisable lesson plans, and how to get started on Microsoft Official Academic Courses.

The YouTube channel is just one particular aspect of the Microsoft IT Academy, but it’s a fantastic resource for educators to learn more about what is included in ITA membership, and how they can go about getting the best out of their involvement, and how these benefits can be passed on to their students. Also included in the ITA are a number of marketing materials, press kits and videos to help promote your Microsoft IT Academy to parents, communities and governmental leaders.

Please visit the ITA YouTube Channel for the introduction videos, and click here to for more information on becoming a member of the Microsoft IT Academy.

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