Note Anytime: the app for remembering coursework content!

This is a guest post from Hélène Fyffe, an undergraduate starting her final year at Edinburgh Napier University, having spent a year on placement with Microsoft UK Education as part of her course.


One of the biggest challenges from young primary students up to university students is remembering content. Unfortunately, a necessary part of academic learning is assessment which is often carried out in the form of exams or presentations which require students to remember content to write or talk about. As ever, there are fun solutions out there…


I need to remember 6 novels for my exam!!!

University students can be seen casually strolling around campus in a relaxed fashion during term time, but when its exam time, the heat turns up and casual strolling is exchanged for tense faces and even more cups of coffee.

One of the biggest challenges with exams is having to remember sack-loads of content from sometimes the whole year. For many subjects such as languages, students sit exams at the end of the year and have to answer questions on literature or history that they may have studied 6 months ago. Good students may write notes on their books as they go along throughout the year, but even they will find it challenging having to cram in quotes from 4 books into their heads the day before the exam.

It's therefore a pleasure for me to share the marvels of the Note Anytime Windows app with you. This nifty little free app enables students to add voice recordings to notes they make which means that they can remember by listening, which academics have recognised is a popular form of learning for many students.



Help me revise my university coursework

You can imagine how useful this feature of the app could also be as a time saver for students who, let's face it, have agendas other than just studying on their minds. Writing notes can take hours especially if you're not only summarising text but interpreting it. Students could save themselves valuable time by adding voice recorded interpretations to their notes. It could also be used for recording key quotes, themes and author details that students want to refer to in their exam.

When it comes to the week before the exam, they can refer to their notes and listen to the exerts they already recorded whilst reading their notes and if necessary, listen to quotes over and over again until they can write them out in an exam.

What if I forget my lines?

For primary learners even up to college and high school, doing class presentations can be equally as nerve-racking as exams. What if I get a mind blank mid-speech? What if I don't remember my key points?

Equally as scary could be the prospect of forgetting their lines whilst performing a play or musical to an entire hall full of parents, peers and teachers.


Again, for students who find it tough to remember screeds of written words, the record feature of Note Anytime could be a great solution for recording the lines from their play, or the main points of their presentation and then playing them back until the content has sunken in.

You and your students can download Note Anytime for your phone, pc or tablet for free! Spread the word and help all the students at your establishment to learn the way that suits them best.

To explore more Windows 8 learning apps, look at the link below:

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