Microsoft Supports the iDEA Programme in Partnership with the Duke of York

Getting young people into the digital industry and entrepreneurship

Microsoft Ventures in the UK recently announced a new partnership with the Nominet Trust and the Duke of York to help support the iDEA Programme, which aims to support more than one million young people to pursue their own ideas, develop their digital skills and get to grips with the reality of business over the next five years. iDEA is supporting entrepreneurship as a viable career option leading to the development and inception of the small to medium sized businesses of tomorrow.

 The programme officially launched on October 15th and is open to the UK’s young people and teachers to get involved. Though this is a UK initiative, it sets a great example that can be mirrored globally and used as inspiration for the important charge of inspiring young people to learn digital skills and build the next generation of big ideas. This concept is best communicated by George The Poet in his amazing iDEA Poem "All Existence is Contribution":


We do hope you’ll help us spread the word about this great initiative.

As one of the biggest technology companies in the world, and the original tech start-up, Microsoft has a responsibility to help make sure we are encouraging and inspiring more young people to consider careers in technology and computing. This responsibility has led Microsoft to become instrumental in landing the new technical based curriculum within the UK for example. In addition, with Microsoft Ventures, we have demonstrated our commitment to the success of small business on a global scale. The partnership with the Nominet Trust and the Duke of York is, therefore, a perfect fit and will help us support, even further, the attainment of these goals.

Through the iDEA Programme, Microsoft will be offering practical support by giving participants access to Dreamspark, a programme which provides students with access to professional-level developer and design tools and resources free of charge, allowing them to explore the world of computing and to develop their passions and skills. Additionally, Microsoft will creating a set of digital badges that young people can take up to get certified in our technologies.

In summary, this partnership will provide iDEA with access to a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, as well as the resources and support offered by the Dreamspark programme.

We hope you will help us spread the word about this fantastic initiative to young people, teachers and others you know who might be interested in getting involved. To find out more about iDEA, please watch the video above and visit:

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