Scotland’s Got Talent!

The Scottish Learning Festival recently took place in Glasgow. The event gave the chance for schools all around Scotland to showcase their innovative and forward thinking activities to the rest of Scotland. Many schools and students were present over the event talking about their exciting work involving Glow Office 365.



Students from St James’s, Paisley were very brave, presenting to a crowd of 100 their use of Glow Office 365 in their studies. The students discussed how they were able to collaborate using OneNote and annotate on the same piece of work simultaneously, providing peer feedback on one another’s work. Glow Office 365 also enabled the students to receive instant comments and marks from their teachers, without having to hand in their work. The teachers were able to monitor who gave which comments and give marks appropriately. The photo above shows “What our friends thought…” St James’s students loved hearing other student’s feedback. One student said “getting positive feedback on my work made me feel more confident”.



Amanda Crabb spoke of how effective Office 365 has been for parent teacher communications within the special needs school where she works. Amanda previously had to complete daily updates for parents within individual workbooks, a task which used to consume most of her time. Teachers now post ‘real-time’ updates and photos of student’s activities. Amanda explained how important it was for parents to see these “funnies”, as often students are unable to share these stories with their parents themselves. Parents were able to see their children having fun as it happened, allowing them to feel fully relaxed when their children were at school.








 Students from Newman’s Primary School also presented their fantastic work using Glow Office 365. Each class had been set a research project on the Commonwealth Games. Students were able to create pieces of work together in their classes through class sites. Class sites were shared with other classes. The entire school became very enthusiastic and excited for the Commonwealth games through






 Kodu Kup winners from Cardross Primary were also present at The Scottish Learning Festival. The students presented the incredible work they had produced over the course of the competition. The students were able to interact with visitors, sharing their enthusiasm for the game and the worlds they had created. Many other students from schools across Scotland also showcased their exciting work – many based upon Computer Science.






 All in all the Scottish learning festival was a great success. Mike Russell, CAB Secretary of Education Scotland was excited to discuss growing adoption of Office 365 in Schools. We look forward to next year!

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