Microsoft Azure is now available for schools to buy on an OVS-ES agreement!

What is Microsoft Azure?

Well In short, it’s Microsoft’s cloud platform: a growing collection of integrated services—compute, storage, data, networking, and app—that can help your school be more efficient and productive and help save them money.


Infrastructure & Platform as a Service In the Cloud

Azure is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This powerful combination of services lets you build, deploy, and manage applications any way you like for unmatched productivity.

It’s open and flexible

Azure supports any operating system, language, tool, and framework— from Windows to Linux, SQL Server to Oracle, C# to Java. It puts the best of Windows and Linux ecosystems at your fingertips, so you can build great applications and services that work with every device. (You can even put Moodle on Azure)

Question - Want or need more storage? You can put that into Azure (oh and by the way its IL2 Accredited)

· You can move 5TB of local storage on to Azure for as little as £150 per month

Question - Looking to purchase a shiny new server?

· You can host 5 Virtual Machines running 24 / 7 for just £155 per month – includes Microsoft Windows Server licenses. 

Question - Reviewing your existing school(s) back up services?

· You can backup 100GB on Azure for £12.10 per month

Below are further examples of what you can do on the Azure platform

· 10 Test & Dev Virtual Machines running during business hours for just £70per month

· A VPN can be included for just £15 per month

· 2 Websites for just £10 per month

All of the above for under £450 a month!

*These prices are based on a Level D Enterprise Agreement discount.  All figures are illustrative.  Please consult your Microsoft reseller for a formal quote


Please join us on Nov 17th 12.15pm-1pm to learn and see the allure of Microsoft Azure for Education. We will demonstrate an example of what you could do for £400 a month using Azure and much more. To register simply email with the subject “Azure In Education” and we will send you the details to join the webinar.

We will take an in depth look at how Azure can benefit you school (s) we will also provide a demo.

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