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Digiduck is a children’s fiction book aimed at 3-7 year olds. Children of a younger age are now using the internet and new technologies. Digiduck was created by Childnet to guide these young children and their parents, carers and teachers towards safer internet use. This captivating story takes the reader on an adventure of friendship, within a message of the importance of being a good friend online too. Will Garner, CEO of Childnet describes the novel as an “Internet Safety tool in disguise.’’ The fictional book explores the close link between reality and the virtual world, enabling children to see how daily interactions with our friends can occur in both physically or virtually.image

Childnet is a children’s charity whose mission is to help make the internet a great and safe place for young people. Childnet work closely with children (from 3 to 18), parents and schools in order to help inform and empower young people to make good decisions at all times when using the internet. The charity works to promote the great opportunities new technologies offer children, alongside recognising and mitigating the potential risks facing children online. With both Microsoft and Childnet being members of UKCCIS, we are both committed to ensuring we take responsibility where we can for ensuring young people are safe online and parents and teachers take action to support these children.

“For some time now, Microsoft has been working to ensure that children from a young age learn how to responsibly and appropriately engage with technology. By supporting Childnet in the creation and distribution of Digiduck, we hope more children will be able to be engaged in the conversation of online safety in a more relevant and fun way.” Hugh Milward, Director of Corporate Affairs. 

Digiduck was originally launched as an eBook and immediately proved to be a popular resource. Childnet believed a hard copy would be beneficial to the user, with support from Microsoft this was made possible. Childnet were able to print 15,000 copies of the book in A5 and these were requested and distributed across the country. The feedback was outstanding. Teachers and parents loved the book, resulting in the demand for translation into two different languages. Within 18 months, all the copies had been ordered.

Feedback from users have led Childnet to work on a new edition of the book, which is now A4, and this new edition contains information and advice for parents of young children on their children’s use of the internet. At Microsoft we are really happy to unveil the exciting release of Digiduck A4 books for free into the market!


Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet said:

“This fantastic support from Microsoft has enabled us to improve the very popular Digiduck book, and make it available to many more children and those that support them. With children accessing technology at a younger and younger age, it is vital we talk to and support children in their understanding and use of technology – influencing them as their behaviour in relation to technology is in formation. We are really grateful to Microsoft for enabling our message to be spread.”

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