Windows 8.1 in Education — New eBook

This update to the original Windows 8 in Education eBook, again written in association with Ollie Bray, discusses some of the key changes in 8.1 and how these relate to teaching and learning.


More specifically, the aims of the ‘Windows 8.1 in Education’ eBook are to:

  • Enhance the understanding of the benefits of using Windows 8.1 in schools and in classrooms
  • Provide practical information on how Windows 8.1 has changed since Windows 8
  • Give teachers and school leaders the confidence to embrace Windows 8.1 by demonstrating how it may be used to enhance learning and teaching
  • Reinforce the importance of cloud technology in a modern teaching environment including the use of Office 365 Education
  • Encourage school leaders and teachers to consider future learning scenarios in a Windows 8.1 and future 1:1 environments
  • Improve advice on how school and education institutes might use Apps from the Windows Store to further develop the Windows 8.1 experience

This new eBook can be viewed/downloaded for free below via our SlideShare channel.

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