The English Computing curriculum and Microsoft products

Useful overview from our recent Computer Science in the National Curriculum eBook (written in conjunction with Miles Berry) that aligns various Microsoft products and services with key stages in the curriculum.

The section from the eBook is shown below:





The full eBook, including the curriculum mapping section above, can be downloaded/viewed for free via our SlideShare channel.

Comments (1)

  1. Midlandman2 says:

    Hooray1: Small Basic gets a well-deserved mention

    Hooray2: Excellent mapping of resources to requirements

    Boo1: "Programmes Used" should surely be "Programs Used" ?!

    Boo2: Small Basic is very appropriate for KS4 too, (we've just done Controlled Assessments!)

    Boo3: ANY text-based programming below KS3 is, IMHO, far too soon. There are SO many better alternatives for the majority of kids of that age and of that immature intellectual development.

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