See What’s APPening in Education : Five Great Apps to Keep it Simple in the Modern Classroom

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Did you know there is a large variety of apps in the Windows Store and more are being published every day? Apps are great tools, and on a Windows device, they can be more than standalone tools. For example, apps can uniquely empower teachers to transform the classroom experience into a personalized, productive learning environment while also enabling them to maintain control of their class.


Here are five apps that are available for tablets, laptops, and PCs that can keep things simple in the modern classroom:

  1. Class Policy this application puts teachers in control of the students’ devices, ensuring they stay on task. It allows teachers to use their device to lockdown student computers and launch applications and specific files. Technology has always been a double-edged sword in education. It’s a great learning tool, but it can also be a huge distraction. ClassPolicy enables teachers to maximize the benefits of technology while minimizing the negatives.

  2. Test Policy – this is an app that enables teachers and test proctors to completely lock down student devices from their own device. For instance, when teachers are ready to administer formative tests, mid-terms, or finals, Test Policy allows teachers to use their device to lock down student devices and monitor these devices throughout the entire test. This is the only application that enables the proctor to have full control and monitoring capabilities, and is only available on Windows devices. The app will be available at no cost to all Windows 7 and Windows 8 users in education for the 2014-2015 school year. Also coming this fall, the app will be available to schools in the U.S. with plans to rollout around the world in the future.

  1. eBackpack – this app helps teachers to paperless. They can easily assign, collect, review, annotate and return work to students. It supports various types of “paperless” formats including graph paper and music paper. It also enables offline access and calendar integration. Additionally, one of my favourite features is that it enables teachers to grade with annotations, while also offering the option to use audio or video for giving feedback.

  1. Edmodo an app that creates a virtual hub for a class, Edmodo enables students to collaborate, discuss topics, participate in polls, and more. In addition, teachers can use the app to create and assign group projects for students. They can also use Edmodo to create a community for teachers within a school or across a school district for virtual collaboration and discussions. The app is available worldwide and in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Swedish, and Portuguese.

  1. Social Express – this application can help K-4 students who have trouble with collaboration or social skills. In particular, the app features a diverse array of animated characters that inspire young students to emotionally connect with them. It also includes “webisodes,” which provide an immersive and emotionally-safe environment for kids to learn conflict resolution and how to express their emotions and ideas.

That’s just a small sampling of the apps available in the Windows Store. To learn more about the range of education apps available, start with this curated list of 100 Great Education Apps. Click on any app title in the list and it will take you directly to the app in the Windows Store for more details or instructions to download.

Alternatively, you can view/download the full infographic via our SlideShare channel.

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