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A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be sitting in a meeting which included a sneak preview of the new Surface Pro 3, which was an eye-opening experience to say the least. Whilst watching the Windows device expert doing a simple demo, I realised how ideal the device would be to IT managers, educators, Heads and any students doing intensive essay or project based work.

Picture a world where a student could use one tablet device to type dissertations, install programmes, programme a game they're working on, type last minute essay edits whilst on the go, carry out Excel analysis for a research project, watch Netflix on the train home and take pictures whilst on holiday with their mates!

Surface Pro 3 in the day of a student

Essentially, the hybrid tablet is better tailored to keyboard intensive work such as essay and report writing (and watching Game of Thrones), due to its larger 12" screen size which makes it that extra touch more comfortable on the eyes. There are plenty more features that you can check out for yourself but the reason I wanted to flag the opportunity below is because I think teachers and students would love the Surface Pro 3 if they had the chance to try it out! I would have loved using it as my core device at school. I'd have been able to painlessly bring it into school to use during my Higher Art lessons to scribble portfolio sketches with the stylus pen in FreshPaint app, to write English essays and crack on with my Biology group project from home. I would equally loved to have watched Netflix on my Surface Pro 3 during my three and a half hour long bus journeys between Aberdeen and Glasgow when I sold my soul to play in blisteringly cold hockey matches in the sleet, all for a pat on the back and a custard cream. It would have been a nice change from lugging around my 15" laptop in my hockey bag, that's for sure!

So on to the juicy stuff...

Skype are offering a limited-time opportunity to win a Surface Pro 3 this June!

To get involved, use your Skype account to call a minimum of 3 landline numbers or mobile numbers this week, before the 30th June when the competition ends.

Have a go and please share with your students - they all use Skype anyway so it would be a piece of cake for them.

Click here to register!


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