Prince Henry’s Grammar School – Benefiting from Student Advantage & Office for IPad

Guest writer: Anthony Nneke, Microsoft Schools Business Manager

Prince Henry's Grammar School

Within my role as a School Business Manager at Microsoft, I have the pleasure of having direct contact with schools and learning how our services and devices are helping with attainment, improved collaboration, communication and learning outcomes. In today’s post I want to focus on the excellent work in Prince Henry’s Grammar School.

Prince Henry’s Grammar School, Otley, West Yorkshire, have in place a 1 to 1 mobile device scheme. They currently have iPads now running Office 365 which both Staff and students use. They are ardent users of Office 365 and currently have over 1400 Students using the service. They are currently benefiting from Student Advantage (a programme for all schools were the Microsoft Office suite is available to students at no cost) and the Office 365 Academic A3 plan add on for their Staff via their OVS-ES licence agreement.

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I wanted to share with you the thoughts of Chris Marshall, ICT & MIS Manager at Prince Henry’s Grammar School

“Students now get access to the mobile Microsoft Office apps on their devices and we wanted staff to be able to do same. Using the same tools on their mobile devices that they are used to on the desktop reduces the training time and increases the usability of our IPads. It allows the transfer of existing material to be used and edited on our IPads. This means schemes of work and lesson plans, already created, don’t need to be created again.

Although we could have solely purchased Office 365 ProPlus for Faculty, as a separate Office 365 module, we felt that the additional benefits offered by the Office 365 Academic A3 plan, such as unlimited archiving and the ability to encrypt emails, data loss prevention, Information rights management & E Discovery all made for a far more compelling reason to purchase the A3 add on via our OVS-ES agreement. This was better value for money and enhances security.

As an administrator having the advanced email tools available to me certainly gives me piece of mind.

Being able to install a version of Office on home and personal devices, including a version on their IPads with full editing functionality, helps our staff to focus on teaching and learning rather than technical issues. This gives our Teachers and students the same user experience which in turn we believe, will have a positive impact during lessons as well as project setting. This allows the quick and easy sharing and editing of work between staff and students.”

If you would like to know more about Student Advantage or Indeed how the Office 365 Academic A3 add on can have a positive impact within your school environment please reach out to the Education Team here

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