Presenting the Wymondham High Academy O-Series video collection: #1 Rolling out Office 365 in Education

If you're wondering how students might embrace Microsoft Education solutions in class, make sure to follow the 'O Team' series of blogs which I'll be sharing over the next few weeks!

clip_image001Look out for the O Team Series!

I'm excited to share some quality videos initiated and created by a few students at Wymondham High who are part of a self-inspired group which they donned the O Team. For those of us who aren't as apt at hacking code, the O Team name was inspired after some of the more tech-savvy students at Wymondham decided to create a dedicated Office 365 group on Yammer (enterprise-grade social media platform) to showcase the avenues Office 365 in Education has opened to them and to exemplify features in a learning scenario.

As I type, the students are planning and creating a series of their own videos (during exam time!) which showcase how new users can use Office 365 in Education and that outline various Office 365 in Education features.

Kevin Saits, Head of IT Strategy at Wymondham High Academy comments: "The O Team have been part of the design and delivery of Office 365 in the school. The fact they have been involved in it from day one has shown that they continue to help students and staff by whatever means possible. The Youtube channel allows this to happen as well as helping others.   It has been a real opportunity for students to drive the learning agenda in school."

These videos are great! I recommend them to any educators or students who are familiarising themselves with Office 365 in Education and who want to get the most out of their IT in education.

Ultimately, the videos are a great example of the current trend and relationship between young people and technology: digital technology is the tool that young people gravitate towards to materialise ideas into tangible output, whether it be in their own time or in education. We should embrace technology in education to empower young talented people to make ideas come to fruition to give them the thirst to carry on creating in the future.

The 6th form students at Wymondham High are a great example. Well done lads!

Rolling out Office 365

So without further ado, here is the first video in the O Team series…

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