Transforming Schools Administration with modern devices and services: Groupcall Emerge Windows 8 app!

Feeling swamped?

The following scenario may well be familiar to you:

In addition to the hustle and bustle of class time, you spend every spare moment either planning your lessons, going that extra mile in creating extra-curricular initiatives to engage students, and reviewing homework to provide students with feedback on how to better their performance. There is probably a whole arm-length list of activities which I've not even mentioned…

Ever feel that classroom management, such as recording attendance and tracking student performance and behaviour, eats into those all-essential activities you'd rather focus your time on?


Read on and you may find a solution.

But first, let's have a look at typical challenges which teachers and leaders in education institutions face today.

1. Pressure to drive excellence

Today’s school leaders and teachers are under relentless pressure to demonstrate excellence across all aspects of performance – student grades, attendance, behaviour, teaching and leadership. At the same time they must show clear strategies for continual improvement.

As the demands on head teachers and staff in schools continues to increase, with more pressure and focus than ever on managing their workload to deliver high performing schools and student grades, it’s hardly surprising that in many schools you see very little focus on how to make use of technology to run their school more effectively.


2. Growing gap between IT in the classroom and IT for school management

ICT is seen as a service that supports the school. We need x number of devices for the computer labs, the admin staff, the teachers and so on. As long as it works, the school is happy and the day-to-day work at school can continue to get done!

Concepts like ‘anytime/anywhere’ learning supported by technologies such as Microsoft’s Office 365 and enhanced by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and 1:1 schemes are important here. Teachers for their part are seizing the possibilities by introducing bold initiatives such as ‘flipped learning’, which are having tremendous results in engaging students!

This is all good, but if the day-to-day running of the school doesn’t transform with it, then we potentially miss out on the opportunities these new CPD concepts offer, soaking up valuable time through unproductive staff.

That focus on the teacher, the learner and the classroom is obviously right. It does explain, however, why, in many schools, the use of technology for administration and management has been allowed to lag behind, often remaining a routine, desk-bound service that enables the day to day work of the school to go on. The bedrock service for schools administration is the Schools Management Information System (MIS) which allows teachers and staff to manage student attendance, assessment, attainment, behaviour, timetables, reporting etc. etc.

Empower teachers with a mobile School Management Information System

The problem is often there is very little freedom, or mobility to access these services when the member of staff in question is not at their desk, on the move or at home.

In this instance we need School Management Systems to adapt to a mobile world, empowering teachers and staff to carry out simple, but really important tasks quickly and effectively wherever they are on the device appropriate to their situation. This will underpin the wider Teaching and Learning transformation that all schools are trying to achieve.


Presenting Groupcall Emerge App!

Microsoft, together with key partners such as Groupcall Limited, are committed to the support of management and administration in school, in parallel with their long-term commitment to teaching and learning. Groupcall have just launched the Emerge App which is available as a Windows 8 app, available to all teachers to download and use now!

Groupcall Emerge for Windows 8 is the powerful and intuitive app that empowers teachers with an up-to-the-minute copy of their MIS data instantly and securely available on their Windows 8.1 device, anytime, inside or outside school. Being native to Windows 8.1 allows Emerge to utilise all the benefits that the interface offers making ‘Emerge for Windows 8’ the leading MIS companion app in education today.



Accurate, up-to-date information

Emerge gives teachers instant access to a wide range of information: 

· attendance

· timetables

· behaviour and achievement records

· contacts

· medical records and notes

· sibling data

Arming teachers with this information offers the opportunity to deal with situations as they happen with the confidence that information is accurate and up-to-date.



Working closely with several schools has driven Groupcall to make the process of taking attendance, which is traditionally a time-consuming and inefficient process for teachers, simply a breeze using Emerge.

Attendance can be taken for:

· registration groups

· classes

· houses

· bespoke groups


Emerge works in both online and offline modes whether or not a connection is available to the school management system. Once a connection is available, Emerge simply and silently connects and uploads the attendance marks.

Taking full advantage of the features built in to Windows devices, Emerge has the ability to record, store and upload video and photographic evidence to the school management system as they happen in real-time.

Having the most common daily student management functionality at your fingertips and now available at the click of a mouse too makes Emerge for Windows 8, the ‘must-have’ mobile app in education today!

For more info, please have a look at the Emerge app flyer below:

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