Dylan aged 11, reviews the ASUS VivoTab Note 8

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I spend a lot of time discussing with teachers and schools the pro and cons of various operating systems, devices and services. But in reality they are not the ‘end customer’. I am lucky to have an ASUS VivoTab Note 8 device, which I am happy to loan to the real experts, Students.


Dylan is a pupil at Colcot Primary School in Barry (@colcotprimarysc), and he knows his stuff. He is a keen developer and currently teaching himself Touchdevelop – www.touchdevelop.com

Dylan had the tablet for a week and was free to use how he saw fit. (Although his Mum was keeping an eye on him)

This is his review….

‘The Asus VivoTab Note 8 is an 8 inch tablet that runs Windows 8.1

It has a snappy Intel Atom processor, which is accompanied by 2GB of RAM, which makes it more than fast enough for most users. It is light, and nice to hold, and has outstanding battery life, but it still charges from flat in two hours.

It has great call quality over Skype, but the camera isn’t the best for taking photos.

Windows 8.1 seems like it was designed for this tablet, the interface seems well thought out and smooth, while being packed with great features.image

So, overall it is an amazing tablet. It is everything you could want, all day battery, a clear touch screen, high end performance and a simple design. I would definitely buy one.’

So if you are thinking about tablets for your students, then Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 is a great choice… it's ‘Dylan Approved’

If you have any students that are using Microsoft technology and would like to share their thoughts here on this blog. Then get in touch with me via twitter @innovativeteach

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