MediaCore – enhancing engagement via visual learning (& Capture app feature)

I recently installed MediaCore's Capture app, which is now available to purchase on the Windows Store for free. The app is an easily accessible platform which links directy to your MediaCore account. If you're not yet familiar with MediaCore, it's a site that you might relate mostly to something like YouTube, except with MediaCore you can create content from within as well as uploading and sharing it to private or public audiences. It also takes into appreciation valuable content from other sites, so allows you to share your content from Vimeo, YouTube, and TED Ed. But most specifically to us, it's been designed with educators in mind.


It really is more than just a site to upload videos, as an educator you are able to create an environment specific to your class and upload creative content which you've either filmed yourself or have taken from another source which your students can watch anytime to facilitate their revision or learn more after a particular class or lecture.

imageMediaCore has a huge emphasis on teachers creating their own content, and not being afraid to make their own educational style videos. I have seen a shift in Social Media over the past few years and video sharing is increasingly popular with people of all ages.

Young adults in particular are curious and want to learn about what's going on locally as well as across the globe, whether it's from a music and arts or business and politics perspective, they want to be inspired by video and I believe video has the power to affect people in the way that presentations and text documents simply could never do.

It makes sense for educators to tap into this desire to learn and I really love how MediaCore makes it so simple for both educators and students to build a portfolio of content they can access anytime. With it being possible to upload any file up to 20GB, MC then converts the file to ensure that it's available to view on all types of devices.


With MediaCore Teachers can engage students like never before, and to make sure they are convinced, it's even possible to track the content they upload which goes way beyond how many likes it's received. Teachers will be able to see who's watched their videos, how many plays they've received, when students are mostly watching the content - all of which makes it easier to create more relevant material to facilitate innovative teaching and learning, as well as connecting on a deeper level with their students.


Most of the functionalities from the parent site are do-able via the app, and it really just makes it quicker for you to record content while you're on the go and upload it to your community or group.

If you’ve not yet used MediaCore, I really do encourage you to check it out. I believe visual learning leaves a memory in our mind and the best videos, regardless of the topic will have left something with us, long after we've hit the play button.


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