Device Review: HP Pavilion 360

It often rolls off the tongue quite easily 'The perfect device for students' 'The all in one you can't afford to miss' but seriously this device was a pleasant surprise and its price even more so. As I sat at my desk this morning transitioning the device through all it's different positioning capabilities, i.e laptop, tablet, tent etc. a colleague passing by asked if this was my new device, and honestly, I quite wish I could have said that it was.

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The HP Pavilion 360 really is a nifty little device. As someone who carries a laptop round in her handbag each day, one of the first things I always notice, about any device is its weight and whether I would consider it for work or personal use. The 360 is lightweight at just over 3lbs and with an 11.6 inch display screen, it is the perfect size for an interactive tablet on the go as well as a working laptop for coursework/revision and general working functionalities.

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I have to commend HP on appeal too, It really is an attractive piece of kit that student's in particular will be keen to show off to their friends. The bold red casing with a touch of sparkle might very well be targeted towards young girls, but that's just a personal thought. However the BeatsAudio installed into the device is a prominent feature of it's image and appeal (see image below) with a particular age group and those that love listening to music with the highest quality of sound will be able to enjoy the richest audio on this device.

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It's also quite robust, as I transition the device I don't feel that over time it could snap or weaken, it's a strong little device, which will be needed if it's going to be packed to be out on the go most days.

For student's wanting a device it needs to have the ability to meet the needs of the individual user, both it's working capabilities as well as it's personal attributes. Installed with the latest version on Windows 8.1, built for touch and multi-tasking it has all of the innovative features that we love from 8.1, such as live tile apps, the ability to personalise your start screen, option to split your screen to watch videos and type or work on any two projects at the same time and a personal favourite being able to search the device as well, using bing by simply typing the first few letters of what it is your looking for.

The spec isn't too shabby too, with this device starting at 4GB of RAM and up to 750GB of additional storage with OneDrive for videos/pictures and documents, it can hold everything a student needs for both work and play. The intel pentium N3520 processor will certainly provide enough power for most students and meet their demands, perhaps this wouldn't be the device for Technical specific courses, in that instance you might be looking for something with a bit more power to run multiple applications with larger data demands.

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The 360 also offers 2USB ports as well as a SD card reader and headphone jack. The front facing camera and webcam also allows the user to take full advantage video calls. Again, perfect for younger students who might be taking part in programs such as Skype in the Classroom, or older students skyping their friends or parents whilst away at college or university.

As a few of my colleagues sat playing with this device, I asked them to guess which price bracket this would fall into. We got anywhere between £500 and £750 - all wrong. The Pavilion 360 can be purchased in the UK for just £349.00. Such an accessible price for a 2-in-one that would fit right into the schoolbag and life of a student.

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