CreateBook Tutorial part 5 –Inserting Sound & Video

Here is our final tutorial on how to set up and build your first ebook within CreateBook.

Inserting Sound

Sound can be simply inserted into eBooks in order to enhance the interactive experience. You can insert music to lighten the atmosphere, or record speeches to dictate information that may be relevant to the page currently being viewed.

In order to add a sound into your eBook just simply use the buttons highlighted by annotation 2.

1)  If you insert a sound into your eBook from your device library, then this box will display information in relation to that sound, for example how long the particular track inserted is. Additionally, you also have the option of being able to quickly switch out to a different sound using the folder icon.

2)  The two icons here allow you to insert sound into your eBook. The plus sign icon to the left allows you to be able to refer to your device library in order to get a sound to insert into your eBook. The microphone icon to the right allows you to record sound using your device, which can then be inserted into your eBook.



  This icon is a play button that allows your inserted sound to be played when the eBook is being viewed. This icon can be resized and moved to where you prefer on the page, it can also be rotated using the green icon above the play button itself.

4)  This box will appear if you choose to record a sound rather than insert one from your device library. It will use your devices microphone (if it has one) in order to record sound. Just simply tap on 'Start Recording' and it will begin recording. Once you have recorded the required sound, just stop it. The tick and cross icons can then be used either to confirm to use the recorded sound, or to cancel the recording made. If confirmed, the sound will be inserted as a play button.


Inserting Video

Video can be inserted to better portray messages, or to aid information that may be available alongside them. They can be inserted from either your device library or, videos can be recorded using your device and then inserted into your eBook.

Video can be inserted easily by using the icons highlighted by annotation 2.

1)  Here you will see a preview of the video you have inserted and also information regarding how long the clip itself is. If the clip you have chosen is not the one required you can simply replace it using the folder icon. You can then just select the required video from your device library and insert it into you eBook.


2) Here you can choose if you want to insert a video from your devices library or, record a video which you can then insert into the eBook. The plus sign icon to the left allows for a video to be selected from the device media library. The camera icon to the right signifies that you can record a video to insert. If you press this button you will be taken to your device camera, when you stop filming the video will be inserted into your eBook.


3)  This is the camera view when you choose to record a video. You still have the ability to alter settings and such and just can record a video normally as you would on your device. Once recorded, the video will be inserted into your eBook.
Once the video is on the page you also have the option to move it, resize it and rotate it. This can be done to ensure the video fits in well alongside other information on the page.

You can download CreateBook from the Windows store.

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