CreateBook Tutorial Part 3–Adding Colour & Images to your Ebook

If you follow the blog you’ll know that we’ve been publishing some tutorials on how to use CreateBook, an exciting new Windows 8 application, designed with schools and students in mind to create ebooks for lesson plans, projects or personal use. The only real limit is your imagination. You can also read part 1, How to set up CreateBook or part 2 which looked at how to use the page features and tools.

In this blog we’ll be looking at using Colours and Images within the ebooks.

Colour Selection

When colouring a page you can do so in two different ways. To start with, all pages will be automatically set to a white colour. On the left image you can see that you can colour images using app presets. Simply tap on the colour that you want, and the page you are currently on will be coloured accordingly.

Additionally, if you want to choose a specific colour you have the option to click on the eyedropper tab and choose a custom colour. You therefore can personalise your eBook as you want.
In both colour selection options under the colour area, you can choose to apply the colour you have chosen to all of the pages in the eBook you are creating.



Adding Pictures

This tool simply allows you to be able to add in imagery, which may be saved on your device, or taken with your device, or you can use the camera and take a new image which can then be added into your eBook.

1)  Simply click on the folder icon and you will be taken to your library of images that are saved on your device. Then
click on the image that you want to use in your eBook, and it will be dropped in on the page you are currently viewing.

2)  Any image on your page, once selected (simply tap on the image of interest to select it) can be hyperlinked. Simply enter the URL in the box indicated by the arrow and a link icon should then appear next to the image you have linked. To ensure the link is functional, and it directs people to the right place, simply click on the chain hyperlink icon and you should be redirected to the webpage to which you have linked your image.

Selecting Your Imagery Source

3)  Here you can see that the plus sign icon allows you to add imagery that you have saved on your device, whether that is from the web or from photos you may have saved separately to your device. The camera based icon on the other hand lets you take a photo with the devices camera. The picture captured can then be used within the eBook that you create.


We’ll be posting more next week around inserting text and video as well as drawing features.

Have a great weekend.

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