Unfolding the pages of Createbook – CH 2 How to use Page features & Page tool

A few days ago I released Chapter 1 of the 'Unfolding the pages of Createbook' blog series, where I explained how you can get started with Createbook.

Today, we're moving on to some of the tools you can use to personalise your eBook, particularly the Createbook tools, Page features and Page tools.

CreateBook Tools

The available tools in CreateBook are shown to the right. When you go into edit mode, these will be shown on the left hand side of the page and will cascade down the edit panel.

In order to use any one of the tools in order to edit content on the canvas, simply click on the corresponding icon, and the edit panel will change to show the needed editing features.

CreateBook allows you to be able to seamlessly interchange between the different tools to create the most engaging and creative content.


CreateBook Sub-Menu


On the app front menu you can swipe up with your finger in order to

bring up additional options. What each of these options does is explained in numerical order. The function explanations correspond to the annotations made on the surface image:

1)   Import Function: This allows you to load up and view an eBook. The app also then will allow you to make edits of your own, and then you can save the eBook separately.

2)   Export Function: This allows you to save out a copy of the eBook you have created into a CreateBook readable file format. This will allow the eBook to be readable in both the FREE and paid version of the app.

3)   Export Protected Function: This allows you to do the exact same thing as the export function, however, the file is encrypted and protected by a password of your choosing.

4)   Delete Function: If you want to delete an eBook, then you simply highlight it in your library by flicking down on the representative image, and then using this function. It will simply delete the eBook from your library.



CreateBook Page Features

When in editing mode there are a host of features that will always be available. These appear on all pages when they are created and can be used at any time.

1)  This feature allows objects on the page to be moved in front of other objects on the page. You may require to do this in order to make something more apparent on the page.

2)  This feature allows objects on the page to be pushed backwards behind other objects on the page.

3)  The delete feature allows you to remove selected objects on the page from the eBook.

4)  This feature will allow you to select all of the objects on the page you are currently viewing.

5)  Here you will have information regarding the page which you are viewing. After the 'Book Cover', pages will be listed in numerical order.

6)  This function allows you to save your eBook as you are working. Once pressed a save screen will appear showing that the file is currently being saved. Please do not turn off your device during this period to ensure your eBook is saved.

7)  Here the name that you have given the eBook will be shown alongside the name of the author.

Additionally if you flick down on the device screen at any time when editing, another sub-menu will appear allowing you to be able to go back to the home screen of the app.



Using the Page Tool


This tool enables you to be able to easily manage the pages that are in the eBook that you are creating. The individual functions of the features available are highlighted by the annotations on the surface image.

1)   This is the tool area. The main functions of the tool you are using will be located here, on the left hand side of the screen.

2)   Here the plus and minus signs indicate the function of being able to add pages to your eBook, and also deleting pages from your eBook. When adding a page, it will be inserted after the page you are currently on, whereas deleting a page applies to the page you are currently on.

3)   This navigation icon takes you to the previous page.

4)   This navigation icon takes you to the next page in your eBook.

The next chapter will focus on colour selection and adding pictures!

Createbook is now available on the Windows store

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