Bringing UK government into the cloud: A guide to cloud computing for the public sector (eBook)

The UK Government is committed to encouraging public sector organisations take advantage of cloud-based computing. The aim is to drive down cost, improve efficiency, and assist the development of service transformation by taking a Digital by Default approach to public services.

In 2012, the UK Government launched the “G-Cloud” initiative. This comprised of a Framework for cloud suppliers and the first CloudStore, allowing organisations from local councils to health authorities browse pre- approved cloud products and services.


In May 2013, the Cabinet Office went a step further and announced its Cloud first policy, mandating public sector bodies consider cloud solutions before non-cloud alternatives. The target is for 50% of new public sector ICT spend to be in the cloud by 2015. There is sound business sense behind this campaign.

Moving to the cloud not only helps cut ICT spend but enables dramatic reduction in costs in other areas. It has the potential to transform the way the whole organisation works. It can break down barriers, free people to work more efficiently and effectively and enable members of the public to engage government in ways that suits them best. It can also help you become more responsive and agile and allow you to make better decisions more quickly.

In this eBook we’ll show you, step-by-step, how the cloud could help you cut costs, improve performance, collaborate more effectively and empower the public. On the way, we’ll share some of our experience from helping public sector organisations harness the potential of the cloud.

You’ll discover how:

  • Wiltshire Council is saving £2 million annually thanks to moving to the cloud and bringing ICT management in-house
  • Local authorities across the country are keeping streets cleaner, while slashing the associated costs thanks to a handy cloud-based Smartphone app
  • How a flexible collaboration tool helped Transport for London staff and volunteers work together to keep London moving during the Olympics.

If you haven’t already made your first move onto the cloud, this eBook could give you the reassurance and knowledge you need to take the leap with confidence. If you’re an old hand, we hope you will still be able to learn something new.

Download or view the full eBook via our SlideShare channel below:

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