Geomaster Plus: Great Geography App for Windows 8

Geomaster Plus is a great geography app that offers 16 geography themed challenges across a variety of topics ranging from flags, capital cities, seas & mountains.


With over 40 difficulty levels, the app offers a full screen chromeless experience that takes full advantage of a touch first environment. The app also works really well with keyboard and mouse and in my experience actually allowed me to be a little more precise with my answers to questions that require you to place a pin on a map.

The app offers something for students off all levels and, even for someone that has a geography degree, can be very challenging in places. In my defence, though, it has been nearly 20 years since I first started my degree 😉

The app gives a score based on both getting a correct answer and also how quickly the question is answered. These scores are then presented on a scoreboard, which offers a nice gamification element to the app. I spent longer than I would care to admit trying to beat my high score on a number of the different levels. Turns out my knowledge of African countries is nowhere near where it could be…

The app is free and offers enough variety to be useful tool within classrooms for some time.

You may want to ask your class to use the app with headphones or with the sound turned down low, though, as there is a 'soundtrack' that could become interesting with 30 devices all playing at the same time. There are also a few translation errors in places, but all in all this is a great app and would be a useful tool for primary and early stage secondary age learners.

Download the app from the Windows Store. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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