The Hour of Code launch video is here!

Recent launch of

Last month, the UK welcomed the launch of, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at inspiring young people to get into coding. The founders of created the initiative with the intention of firing up young people's enthusiasm for computer science by engaging them in an hour of code, for example coding their own Flappy game in class.

Tools for teachers to use in class!

As Computer Science becomes implemented into the national curriculum in the UK as of September this year, the initiative provides proactive resources for teachers to implement in their classes, to get their students excited!

The passion behind the initiative

You might be asking yourself what the background to the Hour of Code initiative was? You'll see in our video below that the UK lead, Avid Larizadeh, has been using her coding skills in the most innovative and creative fashion. She hasn't used her Stanford University degree in Telecommunications Engineering (which involved Computer Science modules) in the most typical way, disproving the 'sitting away coding until 2am with pizza' stereotype which dimly sputters into young people's minds when they hear the word coding. No, conversely, Avid is a great role model for creative and glamorous career-seeking young women, as she has used her coding skills to propel her entrepreneurial visions into her own global fashion business, Boticca, the world’s luxury bazaar of fashion accessories.


Avid shares her thoughts..

Having the ability to understand and use computational thinking is invaluable in today's world as almost everything around us relies on technology and will continue to do so exponentially. No matter what a teenager dreams of becoming from a schoolteacher, a doctor, or a farmer, to a banker, designer, or a musician, he or she will be far more prepared and empowered to effect positive change by understanding and leveraging technological tools. Feeling empowered to innovate in whatever field you are in is not only motivating but it is also fun and the sooner young people feel this way the better it is for their future and everyone else's.” Avid Larizadeh

The number of engaged coders is rising!

You can see that just in under a month since we blogged about the UK launch of an Hour of Code, the number of people around the globe who have completed an Hour of Code has significantly risen by just over 3 million!

10th March 2014


3rd April 2014


Check out our video!

To hear Avid talk and get your own glimpse into the UK launch of, have a look at our video!

As a female intern at Microsoft, once afraid of technology for the very stereotype I outlined before, I empower you to share this blog and video with the girl students in your classes so they can see how attractive a career in IT really can be for women.


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