A student/intern review on Windows 8 Notebook devices in education: featuring the Asus X102 Laptop 10.1"

Choosing devices in education can be tricky when there are so many to choose from!

Some of the thoughts that might be going through your mind are what form factor should I go for, how heavy will it be, will the students like using it, especially if you are purchasing online without the chance to sample the device for yourself.

So, in the spirit of our brand new Devices in Education e-book refresh, we thought we'd share our thoughts on a range of Notebook PC's which we've had fun playing with and trialling out.

Today's piece will focus on the Asus X102 laptop 10" device. Although the 'laptop' reference in the name refers to it as a PC, we are classing it as a Notebook due to its small size.



My first impression, which I was pleasantly surprised by, was how light, yet sturdy the device is. To put this into context, you wouldn't anticipate a primary student having to shuffle guiltily to their teacher with a shattered screen hidden behind their back if they dropped the Asus notebook, yet it's light weight would suggest differently.

Modern interface including Office 365!

This notebook is perfectly suited for our Windows Education apps to run from, thanks to its touch screen capability, setting it apart from the traditional models of notebooks which have zero touch features. What's more it comes with Office 365 Home and Student 2013, which I think really sweetens the price of £299.95! Picture a student in a hurry to scribble down an important statistic or quote in a lecture, they can quickly snap an Office Notebook app open, alongside their lecture slides, with a couple of swipes rather than scrabbling about with the track pad.


Modern appearance

I must say, out of the notebooks I've seen, the shiny cover and thin case makes the Asus perhaps one of the most stylish on the market, well suited for those students and teachers who like tablets and PC's with modern finishes.

Overall, the Asus notebook is a great device running full Windows 8.1 and Office 365 Home and Student 2013, providing a solid platform for creativity and learning. At a fantastic budget price, available at John Lewis, I would recommend this to Primary schools, colleges and universities!


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