Stay on top of classes and assignments with myHomework for Windows 8

I am a big fan of apps that allow me to sync my data across all my devices, and myHomework is a great example of a Windows 8 app that does just that, all within an elegant and clean environment.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the app, myHomework is an awesome cross platform student planner that lets you easily track your courses, homework, tasks, projects and lessons. myHomework accounts are free to create and can be setup using either a Facebook login or your email address of choice.

The Windows 8 app, in particular, has an intuitive interface and supports full integration, which makes it easy to add classes and assignments etc directly to the app. If not, classes can be added manually in a matter of minutes. For example, I added details about some C# and Excel Pivot Table courses that I am currently doing and was literally up and running with all the relevant data in the app and synced to the web interface in no time. Very cool!


With courses then set up within the app, it was also really straightforward to add any homework I might have for these 2 courses and set due dates etc for coursework I needed to complete. What is nice is that within the app you are then presented with a concise overview of all your courses/homework within a central dashboard. A red flag is then shown against any outstanding actions. Which reminds me, I really must go and complete that IDE class…


With an interface that is perfect for touch devices, but also works really well with keyboard and mouse, cross device syncing and notifications, this is a great app for students of all ages who are looking to stay on top of their classes and assignments.

Download the app from the store today and let us know what you think in the comments below. 

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