A presenter’s dream: using your Nokia Lumia to connect to the interactive whiteboard

It doesn't get easier than this… I have found myself with an overwhelming need to share this cool video which beautifully demonstrates how easy presenting can be for teachers, lecturers and students thanks to the power of technology and Windows devices in education.

Challenges of presenting

So I'm sure most of us would agree that one of the last situations we want to find ourselves in is the flustered, sweaty hiccough of our technology failing us during a presentation. In my opinion, the only dignified space for heart rates to be racing that high is in the gym. If you're in the situation of single-handedly presenting and managing your device and slides (most likely), it can be limiting in terms of freedom to 'walk and talk'. I also believe it cuts into your ability to concentrate 100% on what you are saying, as you may be worrying about the potential occurrence of a technical fault, particularly if AV is involved with embedded videos!

Truly 'Mobile'


Phill Ruffell, a lecturer at North Hertfordshire College is challenging presentation limitations with his Nokia Lumia Window's Phone which he uses to be fully mobile while presenting - that's right, no HDMI cables needed!

You'll see from the video that he can simply connect his Windows phone to the interactive board by downloading the 'Nokia Beamer' app on his phone and then flashing up a QR code via www.beam.nokia.com on the interactive board with his pc. All he then has to do is scan the QR code on his phone and his Windows Phone is synched!

He can then effortlessly propel his PowerPoint presentation via the Office 365 app on his phone, which will automatically be synced up to his docs on his PC through his Office 365 account and Microsoft account.

I'll stop there and let you learn from the pro himself..

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